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  • Why that crazy old lady goes up the mountain, by Michael LIBLING
  • Thief of shadows, by Fred CHAPPELL
  • Dr. Death vs. The Vampire, by Aaron SCHUTZ
  • The Crocodiles, by Steven POPKES
  • A History of Cadmium, by Elisabeth BOURNE
  • The Real Martian Chronicles, by John SLADEK
  • Remotest Mansions of the brood, by Alex IRVINE
  • Seven Sins of Seven Dwarves, by Hillary GOLDSTEIN
  • Silence, by Dale BAILEY
  • Forever, by Rachel POLLACK
  • The Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe, by Robert ONOPA
  • The Gipsy's Boy, by Lokiko HALL


Collection : Fantasy & Science-Fiction

Éditeur : MERCURY

Parution :

Poids : 178g